A massage is a complementary form of medicine that has been around for ages.

The earliest record of massage can be traced back to China, in the year 1,800 BC. According to this long-lost manuscript, the ancient peoples utilized massage before for therapeutic purposes.

Now used for both medicine and rejuvenation, it remains to be one of the most popular therapies in the planet. In fact, roughly 87% of the world undergoes this therapeutic practice annually. With that being said, there is no shortage of spas all over the world.

However, if you are one with a very busy schedule, you might find it hard to include that well-deserved therapy into your agenda. For this reason, you are better off with a massage chair.

If you still find yourself thinking twice about purchasing this useful device, here are some reasons why you are better off with a chair than a standard massage.

1. You Can Have It Anytime, Anywhere

Do you barely have free time? Or if you have some, are the massage parlors often closed by the time you are free?

If you keep on missing your sessions because of important commitments, then it is high time that you bought a massage chair. With this portable device, you can have a massage anytime, anywhere.

Although most chairs are suited for homes, there are handy models that you can bring to the office as well. So whenever you are in the mood for some Shiatsu or Swedish massage, you can have it right on the spot.

Another good thing about it is it can help you save a lot on gas money. You do not have to drive back and forth to your favorite place to get the massage that you need. You can have a blissful reflexology session whenever, wherever.

2. Multitude of Options

With a standard therapy session, you only have limited options for the style since masseuses can only specialize in a handful of techniques. But with a massage chair, you can enjoy a diverse array of reflexology methods. There’s Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep, and Kneading. Enjoying any of these can be done with just a push of a button.

What’s more exciting is you can fuse any of these techniques. At the same time, you can modify the duration and impact of the session to suit your personal needs. With a massage chair, it is like you have a special masseuse who can address your needs.

3. No Need to Worry About Your Loaded Schedule

Unfortunately, the busy and stressed people who need massage the most – cannot have the reflexology therapies that they need. Why? Their schedules are just too loaded. They do not have time to be with their families, much more to have the massage that they need.

If you are one of these unfortunate individuals, a chair is what you need. You can have them right at home – or at work – and have a session in your spare time (no matter how short it is.) You definitely cannot do this with a standard massage, as you have to make time (something you do not have) in order to get the de-stressing session that you need.

4. Cheaper Option in the Long Run

Do you enjoy having standard massages? While they are very therapeutic and relaxing, the fact of the matter is they can take a significant part of your paycheck.

Although this is the case, you do not have to forego of your favorite sessions. With a chair, you can enjoy the same mental and physical benefits – for a lower price. While the cost is more expensive initially, it is cheaper in the long run.

What’s better is you can purchase a chair with your credit card on an installment basis. It might be the same price you pay your masseuse, but in several months or so you will be done with the total cost.

While a massage chair cannot replace the human touch, it is definitely a better and cheaper alternative for spur-of-the-moment massage desires.

So whenever you are pressed for time (or money,) know that you do not have to skip on your favorite massage therapy. With a shiatsu massage chair, you can enjoy the same health benefits or even more so!